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Media365 is an online platform for eBooks aimed at self-publishing authors, publishers and readers.
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Epub or pdf eBOOK FILE
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Our Vision

It is our goal to build a community of local up-and-coming authors and readers by providing them with a platform where they can interact with each other.
Our publishers can share their work to a global audience and generate income, while our readers enjoy great books for free and help their favorite authors strive.


Be part of a global reading community where readers enjoy great eBooks for free, while providing new authors with a way to support themselves.
  • Find great eBooks in over 15 languages.
  • Read online and generate profit for local up-and-coming authors.
  • Join our global community and interact with your favorite authors.

Authors and Publishers

Publish your eBooks safely and generate profit. Share your work with a global audience of over 1 million readers to build your own reading community.

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